The basic teen program starts with thirty hours of classroom instruction (four class days) at our Rohnert Park classroom. New sessions begin every Month, year round.

ClassroomAfter the student acquires their California instruction permit they may begin the on-the-road portion of their instruction.

The basic course includes six total hours of road instruction. Behind-the-wheel instruction is scheduled at the convenience of the student and the instructor, usually after school or on weekends.

The fee for the Basic Teen Driver Course is $505.00. This fee is made up of $100* for the classroom and $405* ($135 per lesson*) for 6 hours of private driving instruction.  Call us 7days a week up till 10pm at 707-795-3542.  Or your may register online, click here to register.

Teenage Drivers


Lyons Driving Academy also offers private behind the wheel driving lessons to teens that take the classroom instruction at their high school or elsewhere.

The fee for driving only instruction is $135* a lesson or a total of $405* if you take all 6 hours of required driving instruction from us.   To schedule a driving lesson call us 7days a week up untill 10pm at 707-795-3542. 

***Cancellation Policy***

Parents' and Teen's responsibility- 

Cancellation of an appointment must be done 24 or more hours in advance.  If the client fails to do this, they will be charged for 1 hour of driving time. 

There will be no courtesy call for your appointment, it is your responsibility to remember the appointment time.   

*Prices are subject to change

Teenage Drivers


Our comprehensive, State of California approved, teen courses cover the following material in the classroom:

         Drug and alcohol education

         Drunk driving education

         Assessing and managing risk

         Getting ready for the California written and road test

         Signs, signals and markings

         Rules of the road

         Getting to know your vehicle

         Starting, steering and stopping

         Basic driving skills

         Turning and parking

         Driving environments

         Light and weather conditions

         Sharing the roadway

         Natural laws and driving

         Responding to driving emergencies

         Road rage

         Vehicle systems and maintenance

         Planning a trip

Teenage Drivers


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